Other publications by Graham Coulter-Smith

Author of Book
2002 The Postmodern Art of Imants Tillers: Appopriation en abyme, 1971–2001. London: Paul Holberton publishing, 2002. 280 pages, 170 black and white and 32 colour illustrations, ISBN 1 874011 49 4. A study of a leading Australian contemporary conceptual painter.
1994 Mike Parr: The Self Portrait Project, Melbourne, Schwartz Publishing (An imprint of Bookman Press), 1994. ISBN 1 86395 043 5. 200 pages, 30 x 24 cm, 40 colour and 64 black and white illustrations. Examines the work of a leading Australian performance artist, sculptor and print-maker.

Editor of Books
2005 Art in the Age of Terrorism,London: Paul Holberton publishing, October 2005. 280 x 215 mm, 252 pages, 169 illustrations, and an index to artists: ISBN 1 903470 41 2. Introduction by the editor, chapter by the editor and chapters by fifteen other contributors including academics and artists from the UK, USA and Europe. The book covers the work of 35 artists. This book pioneers the investigation of this sensitive and difficult topic in the field of visual art. This book also provided a strategic vehicle for staff working at Southampton Solent University to gain publication profiles.

2000 The Visual Narrative Matrix: Interdisciplinary Collisions and Collusions, Southampton: Fine Art Research Centre, 2000. 255 x 210 mm, 144 pages, 102 black and white illustrations, ISBN 1 874011 09 5. The publication included keynote essays Mieke Bal director of the school for cultural analysis, Amsterdam University), Bob Cotton (writer) and Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie (artists) and nineteen other contributors from academics including seven from the USA and one from Canada. Personal contribution in addition to editorship: ‘Chaos and Complexity in the Visual Narrative of Imants Tillers’, pp. 97–105.

Principal Text in Book
1993 John Young: Silhouettes and Polychromes, Melbourne, Schwartz City, 1993. ISBN 1 86395 399 X. (30 x 24 cm, 148 pages, 35 colour and 117 black and white illustrations).

Chapters in Books
2004 ‘The Discursive Object: Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, 1917: Sculptural Installation and Peter Bürger’s Theory of the Avant-Garde’ In Power & Persuasion: Sculpture in its Rhetorical Context, Leeds and Warsaw: Henry Moore Institute and the Institute of Art (IS PAN). .
1999 ‘John Thomson: Narrative Sculpture’, in Animal + Vegetable = Mineral, edited by Les Buckingham. Portsmouth: Aspex Gallery, 1999, pp. 12–29. ISBN 1 874011 78 8.